Friday, 3 March 2017

Merit 2017 leadership House Captain #2

This week Mrs McLeod was taking the student leaders for leadership. First the house captains finished the slideshow we created to share the rubbish bin challenge with the rest of the school. We are going to share this at assembly next Monday(at the full school assembly). We practiced by sharing our idea with the rest of the student leaders. The chrome cast wasn't working very well. After that we played a game called Hotseat. In this game one person sits on a chair in front of everyone else. They are assigned a character to act as. Everyone else asks them questions that they answer in character. I was the Big Bad wolf. Some other characters were Shrek, Little Red Riding hood and the Easter bunny.

The care values I showed  were Active Thinking in the game by thinking quickly to come up with answers to questions and also Community by working with the other house captains on the slide.

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