Friday, 17 March 2017

Merit 2017 #5

Yesterday on Thursday we went to tech. I am currently in design and textiles. This week I spent nearly the whole time making my final product. I am making a dog harness for my dog, Toby. The first thing I did was finish the chestpiece on a sewing machine. I then threaded a piece of webbing strap through it (I left two holes one in each end.) I then made a loop with the end of the strap for the neck strap to go through. The dog harness has 3D printer made parts, buckles and one pentagon shaped ring to clip a lead onto - I designed these. During tech I also went to a screen printing workshop, I might use this on the chest piece. I tested it out when I got home, the only problem is that the neck strap comes undone when he pulls on the lead, not a good thing. If I have time next week I might try to fix it. Maybe a differently shaped buckle would help.

The care values I showed at tech were Respect by listening respectfully at the workshop and Excellence by finishing just in time so I could test it.

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