Thursday, 16 February 2017

Merit 2017 #2

On Friday I did buddy program. We got  to meet our new buddies for 2017. First we all went to a classroom, 7 to each. Then we were all given 2-3 kids. First my group played with the Lego, then we all went outside and played on the playground. After that we tried  out some games without equipment, like sneak up granny and tricky tag.

The care values I showed were Community and Respect by listening to what the juniors said and involving them.

Merit 2017 #1

This week was the first week of technology. The group I am in is doing textiles and design first. Since it is the first week we spent most of the time setting goals for what we want to achieve during tech this year. I want to basically learn as much stuff about the subjects as possible.

We also started mandarin. It is in a different building with different teachers. We learnt about Chinese new year and a bit about spring festival. The colour red is important to Chinese people.

The care value I showed was active thinking by trying to learn more mandarin and remember most of the words.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Merit 2017 Leadership House Captain #1

This year I am a House captain. Today we watched a video about ideas for what project we will work on for the year.

Our idea is that to motivate people to pick up rubbish we would have a house competition. There is going to be four bins one for each house. They will be coloured according to house colours. We might fundraise for money to run it. Also have bonus rounds where tickets are hidden and students can earn house points for their house by finding it. This would motivate people to actually look for rubbish.

The care value I showed was active thinking by thinking of how to do our idea and community by working with the other house captains.