Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Merit 2017 #4

On Friday we had buddy programme again. Since Tracy and I planned last week, this week we were running games. The first thing we did was set up our game. We went on the basketball court, I set up 4 cones in each corner of half the court, while Tracy checked the rules on a chromebook. The first game we played with our first group was captains coming. I think it went very well. We played a simplified version. Basicly when we said Bow they would run to one end of the court. If we said Stern it would be a different end. The same for Port and Starboard. After they understood that we added in more rules, captains coming (where they salute), scrub the deck ( they pretend to scrub the ground) and row boat ( after saying row boat we say a number and that is how many fit in the row boat, they get into lines of that amount and pretend to row.)

The second game we played was Tangles. This one didn't work so well. What was supposed to happen was they would stand in a circle holding hands with people across the circle, they try untangle themselves. With them they mostly either held hands with the person next to them, or once two people were holding hands they would grab onto them and about 4 to 6 people would be holding the same hand.

The final game we played was Tricky Tag. It worked ok, though some of them didn't really get the rules or were playing different rules.

The second group didn't go quite as well as the first group, but they were ok.

The care values I showed were Community by getting involved in Captain Coming if they couldn't remember which way to go. I also showed Active Thinking by stopping the games that didn't work so well and trying something else.

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