Monday, 27 November 2017

Home Learning Challenge A12

A11 : Design your own challenge
Create a plan to get pet rats, and convince my parents to let me get them.

Excellence 2017 Can Do #10

Year 8 trip to Wellington 

Final Day

On Thursday, we had a bit longer in the morning, to pack our stuff, and tidy our rooms. We put all our bags in storage, as we had to be out by 10:00. After leaving the YHA, we went to the national library, where we found out about, and looked at, the treaty of Waitangi, the women's  suffragettes pension, and the declaration of independence. We saw the actual things, in darkened rooms, although they turned a special type of light on so we could see it. It was cool to be able to see them. After that we had lunch, then we had the choice to go back to Te Papa, or relax in a park. I took the Te Papa option. We could do a scavenger hunt, or just look around. Tracy, Jacinta and I did the scavenger hunt for a bit, then just looked around. Then we met back up with the rest of the group. We then took a bus back to the Airport, and flew back to Christchurch.

The care value I showed was Respect, by being respectful to the person who was showing us round, and on the plane by being quiet. I showed Trustworthy, a leadership value, at Te Papa, by returning at the right time to check in, and by following the rules there.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Excellence 2017 can do #9

Year 8 trip to Wellington 

Third day

On Wednesday, the two groups swapped over. We went to the press conference room, where some people pretended to be the prime minister answering questions from the press. After that we meet Ruth Dyson, our electorate MP. We asked her some questions, and she showed us round, we even went into the cafe, and under the road to Bowen house.

We had leftover noddle canteen for lunch, then went to Te Papa. At Te Papa we looked around a bit, although we didn't get to see the whole thing, and I would have liked to stay longer. It was interesting.

We had pizza for dinner that night.

The care value I showed was Respect, by respecting the displays at Te Papa. The leadership trait I showed was Trustworthy, by only staying in the areas we were allowed in at Te Papa.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Excellence 2017 can do #8

Year 8 trip to Wellington 

Second Day

 On the second day - Tuesday - we split into two groups, I was in Mr Ladbrook's group, and we went to Parliament first, where we did a mock debate, had a look around some of parliament, had fish and chips for lunch, and watched question time. The second thing we did that day was go to the reserve bank, where we were asked lots of questions about the bank, and money in general. We could earn lollipops, as well and shredded money (they tried to trick us that it would be regular money) and an unreleased 10 cent coin from 2007. I got 3 lollipops and a bag of shredded money. We went back to the YHA, and had Noddle Canteen for tea, it was good.

A care value I showed was Active Thinking, by answering questions as well as I could. I showed Resilience, as it was quite a long day, but I paid attention.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Excellence 2017 can do #7

Year 8 trip to Wellington 

The first day

On the 13th of November, the year 8's took a bus to Christchurch Airport, where we flew to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. We were staying at the YHA, and we dropped our bags off there and got changed, before going to the National war memorial. 

There we learnt about WW1, and followed the story of Will, a man who fought in WW1, and survived, although he lost his arm. There were real things from WW1, that were part of Sir Peter Jackson's collection, so we were quite lucky to seen them. We also watched the daily ceremony.

Afterwards we went back to the YHA and had Subway for dinner.

A care value I showed was respect by not touching anything we weren't allowed to touch, and being respectful during the ceremony. 
A leadership trait I showed was Resilience by paying attention and being respectful even though I was tired.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Excellence 2017 Can Do #6

On Wednesday last week we had our book character day. I came as Kvothe from the Name of the Wind. We had a parade in the morning; the year 7/8s were with the year 1's, 3's, and 5's. There were a lot of good costumes that people had put lots of effort into.

The care value I showed was Respect by respecting peoples costumes, and being quiet while other people were showing off their costumes. I showed Active Thinker, a leadership trait, by creating my costume from things we already owned.