Saturday, 29 October 2016

Must do leadership Excellence #10

This week was the first week the weather was nice enough to do athletics training with the juniors outside. Since we missed the first week we did our first weeks lesson this week. My groups lesson was around running. The first thing we did with each group was do a warm up. This was a relay with star jumps at the end. The next thing was a relay where they collected beanbags, and finally we played exploder. This is where they lie down then when I say GO they run to the end and back.

The care value I showed was Community by saying well done to the winners.

The leadership value I showed was Integrity by making sure everyone knew the rules before we started.

Librarian leadership Excellence #10

This week on Friday first Sasha and I put books away. Secondly we had to cut out as many bookmarks as we could because it is book week soon. Luckily we only had to cut them roughly into strips to seperate the bookmarks from each other. Some of them were already coloured and some the kids will have to colour in themselves.

The care value I showed was Active Thinking by sorting the bookmarks into piles once I had cut them.

The leadership value I showed was Respect by letting other people help if they wanted.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Librarian leadership Excellence #9

Mrs Ward was away this week, so the library was closed, but she had emailed us to put the books away. I had put a few away, then someone else came in and said we weren't meant to be doing it after all.

The care value I showed was Respect by going out when we were told to.

The leadership value I showed was Resilience by still trying to do my duty.

Pals leadership Excellence #8

On Wednesday it was athletics so lunch time was shorter than usual. As a result we had to do Pals for the whole time. We were signed up for running races so that's what we did. At the start we only had four people racing, but as kids saw what we were doing some of them joined in. For once there were no arguments. We also did some relays to change it up.

The care value I showed was Excellence by judging the races as well as I could.

The leadership value I showed was Active Thinking by doing a relay in the middle so they didn't get bored.

Must do leadership Excellence #9

This Friday It was raining, some couldn't do the athletics program we had planned to do. Instead we had to do reading and writing with the juniors. However we still got to go outside and run a rotation of activities with the three junior classes. For running, there was a game of tricky tag, for jumping there was a relay course with stuff they had to jump over and for throwing there were hoops the juniors had to throw stuff into. I was helping with the throwing activity.

The care value I showed was community by supporting the kids in the throwing.

The leadership value was Active Thinking by challenging them by moving the hoop back.