Friday, 30 June 2017

Home Learning Challenge R3

I created this on scratch. It shows how students could show the care values in the playground/outside.

Excellence 2017 Te Hapua #2

On Friday my class went to Te Hapua. We learnt how to program the lego mindstorms to use their senses, such as colour and touch senses. Their is also an ultrasonic sensor, and a light sensor. I got my robot to say the colour and do an action when I show it a different colour. I also got it to 'bounce' of the wall, using the touch sensor. Next time we will be navigating our robots around a maze, with a prize to the group who finishes first.

I used the care value of Active Thinking, by trying new things when one thing wouldn't work.
I used the leadership trait of Goal Focused, by persevering and eventually being one of the first groups to succeed.

Construct and Describe simple loci.

WALT construct and describe simple loci.
I learnt how to find the area and circumference of circles.
Something I found challenging was the extended absract task. We also had to do a similaries and differences map.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Excellence 2017 House captain #3

On Tuesday we had a bake sale. The house captains were responsible for setting up stands, and selling the food. We set up trestle tables around the school, and placed the baking the year 8's brought on these tables. Groups of students came out to buy food, and at times we had quite a long line infront of the table. Overall it was a success, although there was less food than last time, as less people brought food, so we made less money. However, for the people who brought food they probably made more money towards their Wellington camp, as there were less people to split the money between. We made around $700.

The care values I showed were Community and Respect by being patient as people made up their minds. The leadership skill I showed was Trustworthy, during the whole bake sale by managing our stall successfully and being careful with the food.

Careers Education C.V. Writing

In CAREERS EDUCATION we have been learning to write a skills based Curriculum Vitae.

A skills based C.V. focuses more on the skills that we have,  rather than our work history.

Here is a link to our online Modelling Book that shows the process we have followed.

Three things that I have learned about writing a Curriculum Vitae are:

  1. It has to be very neat and formal so the employer will be more inclined to employ you.

  1. If it is your first job you should make a skills based CV, because you have little to no job experience.

  1. You always need to make sure the spelling and punctuation are correct, this can be the difference between getting the job and not getting the job.

Here is a link to my Skills based Curriculum Vitae.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Home Learning Challenge A3

Motion Blur

Motion Blur

Black and White

Black and White

Motion Blur

Long Expousure Light Trails

Motion Blur

Long Expousure Light Trails 
Depth of Field

Black and White

Depth of Field

Black and White

Long Expousure Traffic Light Trails

Long Expousure Traffic Light Trails

Long Expousure Traffic Light Trails

Motion Blur/ Vintage

Long Expousure Water Blur

Long Expousure Water Blur

Long Expousure Water Blur


Monday, 12 June 2017

Convert between metric units using decimals.

In Maths we have been learning………..

Convert between metric units using decimals.
Converting is part of our Number Knowledge.
It is important to just know these as we can use this knowledge when we are solving measurement problems.

Here are the IXL screenshots that show evidence of my learning.  

SKI JUMP  - THis is the activity that shows my ability to apply the knowledge I have learned.

Here is link to my Ski Jump problem solving activity answer sheet.

My next  step in Maths is…… to use this new knowledge to help me solve a wide variety of measurement problems

Excellence 2017 Te Hapua #1

On Friday my group changed over to robotics. During previous weeks we had been doing coding, which has been fun. Firstly we tried programming these bug shaped robots to go around a square. Then we tried out the lego mindstorms, programming them on ipads. We did some sounds, then we tried making them move. There were three people in my group so we were allowed two robots. They were all named. Ours were called Annie and Louis. We got them to go around a square, circle a moon, and also tried to get them to do a figure of 8 around 2 moons. Another thing we tried was racing the robots through obstacle courses. Mine usually crashed into stuff, although occasionally I was successful.

The care value I showed was Community by working with my group.   I showed Active Thinker while I was programming.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Reading - Text Composition

In reading we have been learning to….
recognise the way words, sentences and paragraphs are put together (eg sentences that express cause and effect) and use this knowledge to understand complicated texts.

These documents show evidence of my learning during this unit:
(link your own learning for each of these activities. Please make sure your sharing settings are open)

My Next Step: Is to continue to apply this new knowledge of parts of texts, to help me make sense of increasingly complicated text types.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Excellence 2017 House Captain #2

Yesterday all the student leaders went to the council. While we were there we visited the council chambers, and talked with a person working for CCC. First we walked down to the bus stop, and took the bus into the CBD. Once we were there we walked to the CCC building.  We meet a person called Celia. We all watched a presentation about what the CCC does. We talked about this. We then split into groups of 3. My group was with a lady working as a park ranger. Her name was Kelly. She talked with us about how they choose what parks to extend and which ones to let sports teams play on. After that we went back to the previous room to have morning tea.

We then did a fun activity about budgeting for an event, park or graffiti management. After that we shared or budgeting with everyone, the we went up to the council chambers. We learnt about decision making. After that we had lunch at Hachi Hachi, and bused back to school.

A project we might take up is painting the green boxes in our school.

The care values I showed were Respect by listening to the guide and Community by working with my group in the budgeting activity. I showed the leadership value Active Thinker during the budgeting activity.