Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Leadership Writing Article

In writing I have been learning to use a wide range of punctuation appropriately and with increasing accuracy like . , ! ? “”
- colon :
- semi-colon ;
- hyphen -
- parentheses ( )
- brackets [ ]
- ellipses ...

I have been especially focusing on using parentheses and semi-colon. I have highlighted these in green where I have used them as well as other punctuation that I changed because it was used incorrectly. Here is a piece of my writing that shows this:

Leadership is a skill of being able to motivate people/teams to work towards a goal.The six traits of an effective leader are integrity, resilient, trustworthy, goal focused, motivational and active thinker. My key leadership role for 2017 is a House Captain(for Rimu). We lead the houses and organise games and activities for the school. This year we are doing a project to contribute to the school, motivating people to pick up rubbish and not litter the school grounds.

One leadership trait of an effective leader is motivational. Being motivational means you are able to give people reasons for doing something and inspire them to do it. An amazing example of a leader that has shown they are motivational is Richie Mccaw. He has motivated people not just in New Zealand but around the world to play and support rugby by leading the All Blacks to victory many times. As a house captain it is very important to be motivational as we need to lead our houses and get them interested in how their house does. I am going to become more motivational by improving my public speaking; it is definitely not my strong point. Leading by example is also a possible way to show I am motivational. Another vital trait for a house captain is trustworthy.

Being Trustworthy is an important skill for any leader. It is being reliable to do what is needed or right. Sir Edmund Hillary showed he could be relied upon to keep his word by showing he could climb Mt Everest like he said he would. Being Trustworthy is an extremely important trait for a house captain to have. We are trusted to do things such as running games and organising some parts of events. I will try to finish things when I say I will and run games as successfully as possible. I need to remember to put out the flags with the other house captains. As a house captain, another trait I will definitely need to show is active thinker.

Being an Active Thinker is about being able to problem solve and think creatively. Peter Jackson has shown that he is an active thinker by thinking creatively in his movies, such as the hobbit. As a movie director, he also needs to be able to problem solve in the event of anything going wrong. It is critical for a house captain to also be an active thinker, as often we have to quickly think of an interesting game to run, or occasionally think of something to say on the spot. I might also need to problem solve at any time. I’ll try to think of engaging games to run, come up with good ideas, and, of course, problem solve. Having good problem solving skills is vital.

Finally, I will show motivational by inspiring my house; as well as improving my public speaking of course! I’ll be an active thinker by thinking creatively, and problem solving. Most importantly, I’ll be Trustworthy by running games as well as I can, and remember to do things I say I will. As I’ve already covered, these three traits, as well as the other three, are necessary to be sure of being successful house captain.

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