Saturday, 4 March 2017

Home learning Challenge - R8

R8.Research food from another culture. Prepare a dish from this culture and serve it to your family.

Pizza is a yeasted flat bread topped with all types of flavour; commonly meats, vegetables, usually with a tomato based sauce although other sauces can be used and cheese, usually mozzarella. It is baked in an oven. The word pizza was first used in Gaeta which is a city in Italy. It soon spread throughout Central and Southen Italy. The rest of the world also came to eat pizza after world war II, when Allied troops staitioned in Italy came to enjoy pizza along with other italian foods. Until the late 19th and 20th century the dish was sweet and not savoury. My favourite pizza is the Margherita.

To make the pizza, first I made up some dough, then later that evening I rolled out each piece, added toppings, and finally Mum helped me put them in the oven. Here are some photos of the pizzas.

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