Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pals leadership Excellence #6

Today I did Pals. We decided to run a game of football for Kakano. A couple of kids helped me set up the field, while Waresha & Tracy organised the teams. We had forgotten to get bibs so I ran back to get some. Overall the game went well. 

The care value I showed was Active Thinking by going back to get some bibs.

The leadership value I showed was Trustworthy by running the game for all the Kakano people to have the option to join in with.

I can recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructionsand some rhetorical patterns

In this unit I have been learning about:
The parts of speech.
The types of nouns.
The types of sentences.

In this unit, the thing I found challenging was … understanding prepositions.

Something new I learnt was... The difference between commands and exclamations.

I can apply my knowledge of adverbial clauses and connectives to seehow ideas are linked in texts.

For reading I have been learning about adverbial clauses. I have found this learning easy because I understand what adverbial clauses are, so I could do the activities.

In this activity docs, I had to... Identify the adverbial clauses and also change the adverbial clauses.

Information report- water cycle

The water cycle is the process which recycles water and moves it from land, ocean and atmosphere. Another name for it is the hydrologic-cycle. There are four main steps in the cycle. These are Condensation, Precipitation, Runoff and Evaporation. The water cycle is a never ending cycle, which is good, as there are many uses for water, such as domestic, recreational and industrial, to name a few.

When the sun's energy is applied to water, water (that was previously a liquid in oceans, lakes and rivers) changes state and rises up into the atmosphere as a gas: Water vapour. The reason this happens is because the sun’s heat separates the waters molecules; they turn into gas. In some hot places, there is lots of water vapour in the air. This is called humidity. Usually snow melts before evaporating, however sometimes dry winds can suck up the moisture in snow or ice, which changes them directly into vapour. Once water vapour rises higher and begins to cool, it will form clouds;this is called condensation. 

When water vapour rises up the temperature gets colder, and it forms clouds which will eventually come down as precipitation. Water vapour-tiny droplets of water, condense on tiny particles of dust or dirt that rises up with the vapour. This forms clouds. Warm air rises, which is why water vapour is forced to rise. Although most clouds are made out of tiny water droplets, some high clouds are made out of ice particles. When clouds combine and become heavy, the water thickens to a liquid again, and you get Precipitation. Rain, hail, snow, all kinds of precipitation. On that note, it looks like it’s going to… It doesn’t matter, the sun just came out again. Once water returns to the ground, where does it go?

When water falls to the ground it either forms streams and river to flow to oceans and lakes, or sinks into the ground as groundwater. Snowmelt as another source of water in streams and rivers. Sometimes it can stay as a solid for months, before melting when temperatures rise which sometimes causes flooding. What is more, a large portion of the world's freshwater lies underground as groundwater. While it is underground water goes through aquifers: layers of soil, sand and rocks. This cleans the water. 

These steps move water and recycle the water. [People should take more care of it.] It is necessary to our survival.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Librarian leadership Excellence #5

I did librarian with Sasha on Friday. Once we had put the books away, we both did some issues and renewals. I am getting quite comfortable with doing issues and returns on the computer. 

The Care value I showed was Active Thinking, by doing the shelves quickly.

The leadership value I showed was Intergrity by putting any books I found in the wrong places back in the right places.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Must do leadership Excellence #5

Friday was our first day of teaching. Firstly we introduced ourselves and what we were teaching them. We also asked them their names. First we watched a video about Olympic sports. I didn't think it was very interesting, but they seemed to really enjoy it. After that we did some races outside, then colouring in. Since the first group had extra time, we also got tennis balls they can throw around. The second group did all the same stuff, exept we didn't have time to do throwing.

The Care value I showed was Active Thinking by changing our first lesson plan because we had extra time.

The leadership value I showed was Trustworthy by getting back inside in time.

Pals leadership Excellence #5

This week the field was closed again. We ran a game of octopus on half a court. It went well, and when there were arguments about if someone got tagged, they got settled by paper, scissors, rock.

The Care value I showed was Community, by trying to make sure everyone enjoyed it.

The leadership value I showed was Integrity by getting them to do paper, scissors, rock to make it fair.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Must do leadership Excellence #4

This week was the first week of teaching, but I was just planning a lesson for next week. I was with Emma. We planned our introduction, then I took screenshots of some colouring pages we wanted printed out. I also linked a video to the doc that was about Olympic sports.

The care value I showed was Community by working together with my partner.

The leadership value I showed was Active thinking by planning a good lesson.

Librarian leadership Excellence #4

This week the library was closed. At the start of lunch I went down to the library-but it was closed because Mrs Ward wasn't there.

The care value I showed was Respect  by respecting the people who told us the library was closed

The leadership value I showed was Trustworthy by still trying to do my duty.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Pals leadership Exellence #4

On Wednesday the field was closed, so we asked Mr Muller if we could run skipping. We got out some normal length, skipping ropes, as well as two long ones which we spun. At the end we had to pack up all the skipping ropes;they were really messy. 

 The care value I showed was Active thinking by still doing something even though the field was closed. 

The leadership value I showed was Integrity, by trying to make sure no one pushed in line.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Maths Measurment

WALT deduce and use formalae to find the perimeters and areas of polygons and the volumes of prisms.
WALT find the perimeters and areas of circles and composite shapes & the volumes of prisms and cylinders.

My next step is:find the perimeters and areas of circles and composite shapes & the volumes of prisms and cylinders.

Evaluating Authors Purpose

In reading we have been learning to make decisions about the usefulness of the text for the purpose, by using a variety of criteria to evaluate. 
We read a range of texts and  evaluated them against four key criteria. 
These were:
  • Readability
  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Quality of information/ language. 
Here is my evidence to show that I am able to demonstrate this reading skill. 

Evaluating Authors Purpose: