Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Excellence 2017 House captain #3

On Tuesday we had a bake sale. The house captains were responsible for setting up stands, and selling the food. We set up trestle tables around the school, and placed the baking the year 8's brought on these tables. Groups of students came out to buy food, and at times we had quite a long line infront of the table. Overall it was a success, although there was less food than last time, as less people brought food, so we made less money. However, for the people who brought food they probably made more money towards their Wellington camp, as there were less people to split the money between. We made around $700.

The care values I showed were Community and Respect by being patient as people made up their minds. The leadership skill I showed was Trustworthy, during the whole bake sale by managing our stall successfully and being careful with the food.

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