Thursday, 1 June 2017

Excellence 2017 House Captain #2

Yesterday all the student leaders went to the council. While we were there we visited the council chambers, and talked with a person working for CCC. First we walked down to the bus stop, and took the bus into the CBD. Once we were there we walked to the CCC building.  We meet a person called Celia. We all watched a presentation about what the CCC does. We talked about this. We then split into groups of 3. My group was with a lady working as a park ranger. Her name was Kelly. She talked with us about how they choose what parks to extend and which ones to let sports teams play on. After that we went back to the previous room to have morning tea.

We then did a fun activity about budgeting for an event, park or graffiti management. After that we shared or budgeting with everyone, the we went up to the council chambers. We learnt about decision making. After that we had lunch at Hachi Hachi, and bused back to school.

A project we might take up is painting the green boxes in our school.

The care values I showed were Respect by listening to the guide and Community by working with my group in the budgeting activity. I showed the leadership value Active Thinker during the budgeting activity.

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