Friday, 12 May 2017

Excellence 2017 House Captain #1

On Tuesday we had the Kauri cross country. The house captains had to run games, help get classes to westlake park, and cheer people on as they ran around the course. In the morning we had to get the gear for our game. Amelia and I were running French Cricket for the year 4's, so we got some bats and balls to carry down to the event. On the way to Westlake we all had to wear bright orange vests. We split up among the line of student and walked down with them. We all helped with running each others games, and cheering runners on. In my event I came 5th.

While we were there, we showed motivational by helping people, cheering them on, and also by running our game. I showed Community by encouraging people, and Active Thinking when I was running my game.

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