Thursday, 24 September 2015

How to make a model hot air balloon

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How to make a model hot air balloon

Model hot air balloons can be good fun to make and fly, however you need to be careful not to catch anything on fire.


-light weight plastic bag

-4 straws

-fishing line or light thread

-light cardboard

-4 light candles



-hole puncher (optional)

-a ruler

-a needle (optional)

1.Gather your materials.

2.Take four straws and connect them together into a frame by sticking  one end into another.

3.Using as little tape as possible attach the plastic bag to the frame. Try looping the edges of the bag around the frame and using a piece of tape on each side to secure the bag on the frame.

4.Make the candle holder. Cut the cardboard into a 5cm x 5cm square.

5.Cut/punch four holes about halfway from the centre.

6.Make sure the candles fit snugly in the holes. If needed, widen the holes so the candles fit.

7. If you have a needle, thread it with the thread you are planning on using. If not go to step eight.

8.If you don't have a needle, carefully make a small hole in each corner to put the thread through.

9.If you have a needle poke it through each corner and tie. Repeat steps 7-9 in each corner.

10.Make sure each thread is 30cm long.

11.Tie each thread to the balloon, one in each corner, so they are about the same length.

12.Check for tangles and make sure the knots are tight.

13.Double check everything.

14.Find a large, open space to fly your balloon.

15.Wait for a still day, dawn or dusk is best.

16.If you live in a town, or there is any fire danger where you live, it is best to attach a thin, light thread to your balloon before lighting it.

17.Light the candles, making sure the strings or balloon doesn't get burnt.

18.If it works, you can watch it float away. If not you may want to try making it lighter.

19.Pull it down if you tied it up.

20. If you didn't, make sure you find it again.

21.Have fun and improve it!

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